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Wish you could transform your teen back into a first grader to avoid homeschooling high school or college applications time?

Does college admissions as a homeschooler feel like a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle or a complicated exercise in game theory? Not sure how to get your teen motivated and on-board? Or maybe you need to know how to find a college you can afford, so you’re not foraging under the couch cushions for pennies!

Like you, I’ve given deeply to this homeschooling lifestyle, and I love every minute of the journey. We’re building amazing people with what we do. But, I know the struggles and crazy-making of homeschooling high school and preparing teens for college and life beyond.

College application season for my oldest son was a whirl of confusion, worry, and anxiety. Mine, not his. What should have been exciting last memories at home with my son, turned into months of creating and preparing all the documents colleges require from us homeschoolers. 

And that phase was hard enough. I still had to identify which of the 2500+ 4-year schools we could afford without putting our son in debt into his 50s. And where my son’s interests in world history and politics would be nurtured. And where he’d find his tribe: kids who, too, enjoy falling in love with deep ideas. 

I’d wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the homeschooling nay-sayers gladly boasting, “I told you so. You didn’t give your son a solid high school education, and now it’s all your fault he can’t get into a decent college.” 

I’d fall back to sleep wondering how I ever thought homeschooling high school was a good idea. Convinced that I’d ruined my son’s college acceptance chances.

If the next part of the college application season in our house were a book, I’d have called it “A chronic, hacking cough for 16 weeks, way too much takeout food, and little kids who spent all day in the yard digging holes to the other side of the earth.” The college admission process had taken over our household. 

Luckily it was over before we all fell apart. The college acceptances rolled in, and lo-and-behold, I hadn’t ruined my son. 

Soon after, I began getting emails from homeschooling moms in my area. I loved offering bits of advice and reassurance, but I knew I wanted to fill in all my college admissions gaps and be able to guide more families. So, I completed a graduate certificate in college admissions consulting and started doing this professionally. And here I am with my mission to serve and help all homeschooling teens thrive in high school and beyond. Did I tell you I’m the luckiest girl ever?


I’m here for you, friend! 

I’m Lisa Marie, a homeschool mom of 16 years to four kids. I’m also a College Admissions Counselor with a graduate certificate in College Admissions Consulting from the University of California – Irvine.

I use the insight from my own teens’ homeschool to college journey, my required college campus visits, my experience helping homeschooled students, plus the tools and perspectives from my college admissions counseling to give you practical tips, step-by-step action plans, and honest talk around all things homeschooling high school and college admissions.

I believe your teen can have it all: a top choice, fabulous fit college for success AND well-being. All without sacrificing their character or the relationship you’ve put your time and heart into over these many homeschooling years.

Whether you classical homeschool, unschool, love Charlotte Mason or Waldorf learning, or your family is a mix of it all, or something else…

You know this is the place to hang out if:

  • You need focus and clarity for planning your teen’s 9th-12th grade college-prep academics and extracurriculars. 

  • You want your teen to study what is meaningful to her and what she loves, but you don’t know how to present her passionate learning and unique education on the college application.

  • You’re not sure of the steps to complete the application as a homeschool family, write your counselor letter, create a transcript and course descriptions, or why the heck a homeschooler needs a school profile.

  • You wonder which of the over 2,500 colleges are a great fit for your teen academically, socially, and for your pocketbook. 

  • You’re confused by the many college admissions essays your teen needs to complete, not to mention, how to help your teen write them.

  • The FAFSA and CSS financial aid forms, scholarships, testing and college accommodations for learning differences, and ACT/AP/SAT, make your eyes cross. 


    Your teen can thrive homeschooling high school and impress colleges. And you, mama, can survive it. I’ll be your partner waving my magic wand to help, as needed. 


A little more about me and my favorite people

I’ve homeschooled my four kids (in one form or another) since 2002. My oldest son is a 2017 Georgetown University School of Foreign Service graduate who lives and works in NYC. My oldest daughter is a Davidson College student (class of 2020) on a full-ride ‘plus’ merit scholarship.

My “bigs” are in adulting mode — learning, living, and growing. But what makes my mama-heart happiest is that they call me every week for deep conversation. And no matter where my young adults are in the world, they always love coming home. 

Along with way too many books and pets, I have two “littles” (15yo son & 12yo daughter) keeping life full and frazzled. Luckily, my sweet, adorable husband brings me chocolate and coconut macaroons often.


Enjoy the journey with your teen & love 'em up every day.


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Lisa Marie Gurrola is a member of The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and follows all Principles of Good Practice.

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